Toba History

Lake Toba is a vulcanic island and was created 70.000 year ago trough a giant erruption of that vulcano. It is situated about a 1000 meter height and is the center of the batak culture. The inhabitants of Toba Village island are called the batak toba. The main religions are christianity. Marriages and funerals are paired with big ceremonies and rituals

About Tobavillage Inn

My name is Van Hooydonck Guido, I'm from belgium and I'm married to rotua Turnip. After years of working in my own baking company I felt it was time for a change. Because my wife is from this region we saw an opportunity to start a career in the traveling bussiness.

7 years ago we found tobavilla, and started to restore it to what it is now. We do this work with heart and soull am glad we made this huge step.


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